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Top 5 reasons How cheese is better for your health

How cheese is better for your health

Cheese is produced from the goat, cow or sheep milk and other mammals. It is a myth that cheese makes you fat but here you will find out how cheese is beneficial for your eyes, skin, immune system and overall health. Cheese is available in multiple types such as cheddar cheese, mozzarella, Blue, Colby, Swiss, cottage and many more. These types are categorized as per the milk as it is low fat or full cream.

Cheese comprises of many essential nutrients including Zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, and also rich in protein that prevent diseases and keep you healthy.

So let’s discover the benefits of this super dairy product named as cheese.

Top 5 reasons – How cheese is better for your health

#1- Bone Health

Cheese is packed with proteins, healthy fats, and calcium which are of substantial importance in order to keep the bones and muscle stronger. It boosts muscular activity and strengthens the bones. Since cheese is rich in calcium it eliminates the risk of Osteoporosis disease in which the bones lose their density, becomes weaker in severe cases gets twitched.

#2-Cancer Prevention

Cheese contains substances called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which prevents the chances of cancer disease as cheese weakens the cancer cells and prevent its growth. Moreover, it helps to reduce bad cholesterol that reduces the chances of heart diseases and protects the cardiovascular system.

#3-Boost Immune System

Certain Types of cheese such as Cheddar cheese, Blue and Swiss cheese packed with Selenium an antioxidant which plays an important role in order to boost the immune system. Additionally, vitamin B in cheese maintains body functioning, put positive impacts and reduces the chances to fall sick.

 #4- Skin Benefits

Since cheese is rich in vitamin B12, it promotes skin cells. It removes blemishing, slowdowns the process of skin aging and stimulates the healthy glowing skin.

#5- Prevent Tooth Decay

Cheese stimulates saliva production which helps to clear away remaining tiny food particles which keep your tooth clean. In addition, the casein present in cheese helps to protect tooth enamel as it formulates a thin safety layer on teeth to prevent tooth decay. Though, it is not the replacement of the toothbrush to prevent cavities.

Cheese is also good for weight loss and improves your vision. Use low fat and bold flavors of the cheese. Take smaller parts of the Parmesan or Blue cheese in your salad, soups or any of vegetable dish and meal you take in.

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