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Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Or PM&R Physician

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians are also well known as physiatrists. Physiatrists are specialized in a way to treat the neuromuscular disorder, nervous diseases, joints injury, bones, and ligaments. They also deal with wide-ranging medicinal issues with the physical disability, brain and other branches of neurosciences.

The term to deal with wide-ranging disabilities implies joint mobility distresses, nervous system, a problem in terms of feeding and swallowing the food, bladder issues, muscular stress or pain, orthopedic concerns and difficulties in communication.

Physiatrist v/s Physician

There is a little bit of difference between a physiatrist and physician. Many people assume that they both are same, however, it is not so. A physician or physical therapist is who perform therapies to the patient, whereas, a physiatrist is who diagnose and prescribe the medication and therapies that patient actually receives from the physical therapist. So they both work in collaboration but different from each other.

Another difference is Physiatrist and rehab doctors perform in multiple medicinal features. They are valued in terms of making an evaluation, diagnosis, and care of patient’s medical issues specifically related to pain, neurological ailments and co-morbid concerns including diabetes and hypertension as well.

Physiatrist Area of Functioning

Physiatrist serves in many branches and departments in order to manage and taking good care of the patient. They treat in diverse directions to with the concerns with respect to joint, spinal cords, bones and peripheral nerves. There are several braches on which physiatrist focus to serve their patients and taking optimum care of their health, fitness and overall well-being.

So, let’s check out the multiple direction and department that PM&R physiatrist serves in.

  1. Neurological Rehabilitation

Neuroscience is based on diverse implication and areas where physiatrist focuses. These areas include traumatic injury, spinal cord, damage to nervous system and brain nerves. Additionally, it focuses on multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and many others.

  1. Pain Medicine

This part refers to the pain syndromes, back pain, Arthritis, muscle pain, carpal tunnel disorders.

  1. Musculoskeletal Care

This term states the disorders of bones and muscle such as Osteoporosis (a disease of bones in which bones become weaker or often twisted, Inflammatory Myopathies, rickets (an ailment similar to osteoporosis in which bones lose its density), joint dis-functioning, muscles and back pain.

  1. Sports Injuries

Sports injuries rotator cuff pathology, Turf toe, muscle pulling, cramping, and twisting or skin tissues etc.

  1. Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care is meant to taking care of the area where patient met scars while operating, such as organ transplantation, inserting of devices, pulmonary surgery, joint replacement and cardiac operations.

  1. Prosthetics and Orthotics

Prosthetics and orthotics cases are spinal orthotics, assistive devices, movement disability and Neuro-prosthetic.

Career in Physiatry

If you are looking for the bright and potential career in the healthcare and neurosciences, then to be a physical medicine and rehabilitation physiatrist is the right choice. PM&R Doctors not only have opportunities in the authorized institutions but they can also perform their practice in private clinics. The practice may consist of outpatient care such as general Physiatry or may be inpatient care includes intense concerns like trauma or spinal cord injuries. An individual can also serve in both as well.

On an average, a Physiatry makes around 141124.00 to 195110.99 Canadian Pounds on yearly basis. However, the annual income of a Physiatry is more than this estimated amount. The amount may be less than a specialist but, is more than any general care unit.

There are a lot of opportunities either you are associated with any institution or operating privately, both have their positive aspects. For instance, if you are affiliated with an institution you might find several ways to take part in research, findings, and stability. Whereas you operate solely you may only find ways of earning and benefits.

Top Colleges for PM&R programs

There are many institutions that are offering PM&R- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation programs to learn and pursue your passion to serve the society socially, morally and emotionally. We have brought to you a brief intro of the top institution of Canada so that you can make a better choice.

  • Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is the topmost learning platform in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is a public research-oriented institution offers an excellent knowledge of the span of 200 years. Dalhousie University offers a variety of research programs for the young graduates and postgraduates. It offers as much as the scholars required, being the champions of their field.

  • University of Laval

The University of Laval is Offering exciting academics and innovative classrooms to make their students better understand. Since its inception, the University of Laval is sharing advancement in knowledge, diverse excellence in culture and international stance. It is offering a wide range of educational programs in the course of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with committed and dedicated staff.

  • The Division of PM&R- University of Alberta

The Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the University of Alberta comprises of state of the art infrastructure and a team of professors who are clinical experts. They serve you with the best knowledge they have and equipped you with their fine tools and tips. All this enables you to be the leader of your own choices.

The University of Alberta is serving the young scholars from a wide span of time and producing the ablest physiatrist for the market who serves their patients with passion and rigor.

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