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Natural Green Tea VS Tea Bags, Benefits, and Side Effects

Natural Green Tea: For the several past decades’ green tea is consumed globally as a natural drink but a tradition in countries such as India, Japan, and Pakistan. In a recent survey, it has been observed that the about 80 percent of the total population consume black tea and only 20 percent takes green tea. Hence, health benefits of drinking green tea are exceptional in contrast to black tea.

How loose/natural Green Tea leaves are better than packed tea bags?


natural tea vs tea bags

The concept of tea bags came into being in the 20th century when tea merchants were used to trading tea in small silk bags. Then in the mid of twentieth century, after the second world war, the concept of tea bag introduced by the Tetley in the UK and this was such a massive success of that time. There from the trend of small and reusable tea wrapped in paper started over.

Though the packed tea bags are much more convenient and easy to use but still lose tea has more benefits over it.

Claim#1- Loose tea is better than packed tea bags. The reason behind this claim is manufacturing. At the time of preparation,  tea leaves are over dried for grinding and smashing to convert them into extra small particles. In this way, green tea leaves lose their freshness and many of essential nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin C and amino acids get oxidized. This way we do not get the exact amount of nutrients in paper packed tea.

On the other hand, the consumers of loose tea get all the benefits of the natural green tea leaves.

Claim#2- Natural green tea leaves are much more economical as compared to tea bags. Commonly it has been observed that the green tea leaves in bags are more expensive than natural green tea leaves due to its processing and packaging cost.

Claim#3- The tea we used in bags often comes from the dust and fanning which means that these tea leaves are broken from the natural tea leaves which are longer than these broken particles. As these are broken parts of leaves they comprise low quality and this is why they have a bitter taste.

On the contrary side natural green tea is better in quality as tea leaves packed with aroma, flavor or antioxidants and if you take a cup of long green tea leaves it must have sweet in taste.

Claim#4- Another great benefit of loose green tea is that it contains the soothing element which reduces the depression and makes your muscle relax. The reason behind this is the presence of caffeine in it. Whereas, the tea bags lost the element of caffeine along with its natural ingredients during the processing of fanning and dusting that is why when you take in tea bagged green tea it does not give you a soothing impression but a bitter taste.

Claim#5- Though tea bags are more convenient than natural green tea leaves, you have no need to compromise on the quality of nutrients, aroma, and flavor of the tea just for the sake of convincing. As you know that natural green tea leaves are far better than tea bags you can make your own tea bags with loose, long graded tea leaves.

You can take filter papers online or from the supermarket and can make your own tea bags without making any compromise on quality extract.

Claim#6- Natural green tea leaves are long graded and rich in anti-oxidants, flavor, vitamin C and few essential oils. When the natural green tea leaves get exposure to hot water and swirl in it the natural properties cane out of it which is of greater worth for health and fitness.

Healthy Chinese Green Tea

chinies grean tea


Chinese are the one nation who consumes the greenest tea and also comprises a range of versatile categories of it. There more than 700 hundred types of Chinese green tea and the famous categories includes Long Jing, Gunpowder green tea, Bi Luo Chun, Huangshan Maofeng, Chun Mee and An JiBai Cha.

Long Jing: Long Jing is the most popular Chinese tea due to its vibrant aroma, flavor, and fresh long leaves. This one is the most expensive tea in China; it also has divided into six categories for which it is known as dragon well tea. The top one is superior from all and then from 1 to 5 as per the quality of green tea properties and nutrients. Long Jing stands prominently in weight loss as it boosts the metabolic activity, relieves the anxiety and prevents cancer cells.

Gunpowder Tea: The main characteristics of gunpowder tea are rolled leaves, this is why it is often known as pearl tea.  These rolled leaves get released when stepped into the hot water and fill the water with its nutritional properties. As other Chinese tea leaves are also a variety of green tea as per its nourishing properties and natural extracts.

Gunpowder tea is of great importance in boosting immunity and in the prevention of cardiac diseases. In 2006, The Journal of American Medical stated that a positive link between long life and consumption of green tea.

Bi Luo Chun: Bi Luo Chun is another amazing type of Chinese green tea which produces in the province of Jiangsu in China.  Bi Luo Chun leaves are long and specifically yellow in color, full of taste and aroma. Bi Luo Chun means Green Snail Spring.  It is divided into seven subcategories in accordance with its natural properties and quality of elements. Bi Luo Chun is of great worth in protecting kidney, prevents heart diseases and helps to protect teeth from decay.

In addition, it works as a slimming agent due to its intense metabolic functioning.

Huangshan Maofeng: This Chinese green tea grows near the yellow mountain region in Huangshan in China, for this reason, it is known well as Huangshan Maofeng tea. Huangshan Maofeng is popular among public due to its wide-ranging benefits. The most prominent feature of Huang Shan Maofeng is its slimming agent. Moreover, it reduces the blood clotting in vessels due to a high level of low-density lipoproteins which is often referred to bad cholesterol.

It also works as a medicinal herb in various Chinese medicines due to its healing properties.

Chun Mee: Also was known as Zhen mei. The main specialty of Chun Mee, a famous Chinese green tea is its curved shape leaves that are similar to shaped eyebrows in appearance. Chun Mee tea is rich in caffeine which helps in soothing the stress and helps to get relief from depression. It also serves an appropriate amount of anti-oxidants and detoxifiers.

It also consumed with the combination of mint leaves, jasmine and citrus slices.

An- JiBai Cha Green Tea: Also ranks among the topmost Chinese green tea as it has extremely long and lavish tea leaves. It contains the high content of theanine which works as a tranquilizer and solely responsible for the soothing effect, additionally it contains up to 6 percent of amino acids which is rarely found in another herb in such extensive amount.

Do You Know The Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea?



Tea is the healthiest among drinks and beverages as Green tea is packed with the greater amount of antioxidants and all the essential nutrients. Due to several health benefits of drinking green tea, tea leaves and its extracts are used in the preparation of medicines in China.

So let’s began the Top 10 scientifically backed health benefits of drinking green tea.

Weight Loss

Green tea is substantial in order to rapid weight loss. Drinking green tea boosts metabolic activity in the body.  In accordance to BMI- people who used to drink green tea are low in body fats as compared to those who do not.


Regular consumption of green tea reduces the level of low-density lipoproteins refers as bad cholesterol in the body. High level of bad cholesterol in the blood harms the blood vessels as it blocks the way of blood passing out. This often causes heart attack and brain stroke.


Another among the amazing health benefits of drinking green tea is lessening of stress and muscle stiffness.Tea is comprised of amino acids which work as a tranquilizer. It plays a significant role in relaxing the nerves and to reduce depression.

Cardiac Disease

Health benefits of drinking green tea are significant in order to prevent heart disease and to avoid cardiovascular disorder. Drinking green tea helps to prevent the making of plaque-like substance due to a high level of LDL- low-density lipoproteins, in the inner lining of blood vessels. Moreover, green tea is beneficial to keep the blood vessels at ease which lessen the risk of heart attack.


Green tea works as a natural anti-aging agent. Regular consumption of green tea removes the dry patches and wrinkles from the skin. It helps to remove sunburn and inflammation from the skin due to its healing properties.

Bonus Tip

It is observed in a research that using a slice of lemon with natural green tea, not only boost its flavor but double up the health benefits of drinking green tea. Lemon comprises of exceptional properties such as vitamin C and citrus which are useful for heart health as well as for glowing skin.

Shocking Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea


There is a well-known proverb that says, ‘excess of everything is bad!’ same is the case with the taking of green tea. No one can deny the proven benefits of drinking green tea but only if you consume a moderate amount of green tea, otherwise you have to pay for the shocking side effects of drinking green tea, to your health.

So, have a look what are the shocking side effects of drinking green tea, if you do not consume a moderate amount.

Side Effect# 1- Green tea leaves have the greater amount of caffeine content. Though caffeine has a soothing effect on your stress if you drink more green tea it would lead you towards adverse consequences such as anxiety, tired blood and sleepless nights.

Side Effect# 2- Green tea comprises of substance that reduces the ability of bones to absorb calcium. This way excessive intake of green tea can cause a side effect as it can weakening of your bones. Sometimes consumption of 5 to 6 cups of green tea can increase the chances of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, a disease in which bone gets weaker or can be twisted.

Side Effect# 3- Another among the side effects of drinking green tea is the iron deficiency in the body. Green tea ingredients such as tannin lessen the ability to absorb iron content which an adverse effect on the body. You may cause tiredness, fatigue and can also lead to anemia- lacking blood.

Side Effect# 4- A combination of caffeine and tannin can cause headaches.  The reason behind this is excessive exposure to caffeine leads to dizziness and tannin is root to iron deficiency that increases the risk factor to health. This heath threat ranges from mild to severe.

Side Effect# 5- Again caffeine puts an adverse effect on your cardiac health. Overdosage of caffeine makes your heart beat faster than usual. This also refers to heart palpitation. Among the most shocking side effects of drinking green tea among all is the greater amount of green tea can be an indicator of the heart attack.

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