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How To Cure Depression By Yourself

 How to cure depression by yourself: Depression is the sadness feelings of despondency and dejection. We can say depression is a situation and serious illness that negatively affects how we feel, how we act and how we think. Depression causes feelings of unhappiness and loss of interest in our activities once enjoyed. Approximately 400 million people suffer from depression throughout the world. “So please relax, it’s not only you”. You can overcome the depression easily. We can easily cure depression by following some steps.

Depression is also a medical condition and it requires serious medical attention. Depression is also mentally disordered that is evidenced by excessive misery, unhappiness, sadness and loss of interest in enjoyable things and low motivation. Depression loses your energy, motivation, hope, making it very difficult to take the steps that will really help you to feel better. Overcoming and cure depression is not a quick and easy solution.

Depression is very common in society. One in three people suffered from depression due to many reasons in their daily life. In many cases, unhappy feelings resolve as you come to term with a change in our life. In a situation such as sadness, misery, frustration, these feelings may continue for months and return at memorable times, such as wedding anniversary and birthday related to the lost loved one. Feelings better can take some time, but you can get there by making some positive and enjoyable choices for yourself every day. You should know how to cure depression by yourself.

Let’s understand some general symptoms of depression:

Sad Feeling All The Time:

Without any reason feeling highly sad is the major problem or there is a little bit reason feeling sad all the day and night.

Social Interest:

Social Interest

In depression, you do not want to go in social activities. You feel like that no one cares about me. My family members, friends and society all hate me a lot.

Feelings Guilty:

Feelings Guilty

Everything happened bad in my life because of me. I am the only reason for this bad situation. Level of frustration is very high in this situation.

Feeling Hopelessness:

Feeling Hopelessness

Feeling hopelessness is the major symptoms of depression. We think like everything is lost now. Nothing problem can resolve now. I am the failure one. My cousins, friends are very talented. I cannot do anything as my friends do.

Suicidal Thoughts:

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts is a very critical moment of depression. Feelings like, I am the root cause of every problem in my family, everything has ended. Feelings like everything is over and life has ended. My purpose in life has ended.

Loss of interest in hobbies:

Loss of interest in hobbies

Feelings like you love to do your hobbies before are not joyful now. If cricket is your hobby and passion, but due to depression you have no interest in cricket.

Affected sex life:

Feelings like when I will complete my study when I will get a job when I will get married and will enjoy married life. It is the main depression in most of the peoples, especially in youth.

How I Cure Depression:

To Deal with depression, how to cure depression by yourself it requires some more actions, but taking action while you are depressed can be very hard and permanent. Sometimes, you think about the things you should do to feel better, like spending time with family members and friends, go to exercise with your friends. I would like to tell you that medicines help to reduce the severity of sadness, misery but it not cures 100% depression. There are some steps of how to cure depression by yourself:

  • Get Good Sleep:

Get Good Sleep

Sleeping too little may face many depression levels.Getting more sleep help to improve your energy level and your mood.

Sleep problems can lead you to have negative thoughts and very much depressed feelings. Due to sleep problem, you also feel lonely and frustrated, you may not want to be social able or get together with friends then you feel depression of lonely feelings. Get more sleep is the easiest way to cure depression.

  • Get Into A Routine:

Get Into A Routine

If you are depressed and want to cure depression, then you should set a daily routine schedule, says Ian Cook, MD. Ian Cook is a psychiatrist and also director of depression research and clinic program at UCLA. Change in lifestyle is the first step of treatment for release depression.

Feelings of depression can strip away structure from our daily life. One day melts into the next day. By setting a daily schedule which will help you get back on track.

  • Get Goals:

Get Goals

When you become depressed, you may feel like that you cannot complete anything which makes you feel frustrated about yourself. To push back off, set daily goals in your daily life routine.

“Start very small,” Ian Cook MD says. ”To make your goals limited and high about something then you can get succeed at like doing dishes every other day.”

  • Exercise and Yoga:

Exercise and Yoga

Yoga and exercise are very helpful for cure the depression. It is also very useful for mind relaxation, mind fulfillment. Yoga release your stress level, frustration, and depression as well. Yoga also boosts energy level and make you healthy and happy. 30 minutes morning walk is also very useful for cure depression.

  • Medicines:


Different types of medicines are available for depression.It is very helpful for cure depression. Doctors will guide and suggest you on the basis of your mental condition and type of disorder. Never take depression medicines without the advice of an expert doctor or psychiatrist. Medicine treatment takes 3 to 5 years or more. It depends on patient condition.

  • Don’t Isolate Yourself:

Don’t Isolate Yourself

When you become depressed, then you may hear different thoughts and incidents telling you to be alone and keep quiet. Don’t share your problems who increase your depression and frustration. Always share your problems with your family members who care about you. They will always appreciate knowing what’s going on. Keep yourself in a social atmosphere which can lift your spirit. Go to the place with friends who may have similar interest as you.

  • Watch a funny TV show or Movie:

Watch a funny TV show or Movie

Anything that makes you smile and laugh can actually release your depression, convince your brain and mind that you are happy. Always ready to fight depression, play your favorite game, watch a funny show, funny movie and also read a comical writer. It is an effective tool in reminding your brain that you can feel good.

  • Be Active:

Be Active

It’s a fact that activity fights depression. Always get your heart rate 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. It will feel better emotionally. Exercise neuro plasticity and releasing neuro chemicals which help to elevate your mood and it will help to cure depression. Go for a walk, a trip to a gym with friends and game a catch with your kids is a medically proven method of improving the way you feel relax.


Depression can also be cured and treated if we follow a proper guideline and instruction from psychiatrist. These are the some diseases of depression, nothing else. The only thing that made this horrifying is just the lack of awareness and images in our society. So, be a strong and have faith in yourself and fight depression daily, be a strong and you see one day you will get over it very soon.

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